Here is what you have told me are the important issues in this election:


  • You want decent and affordable housing for all income levels.


  • You want to get the best value for the taxes you contribute.


  • You want an efficient, reliable transit system; trails, parkland, recreational facilities and active transportation networks that help you maintain the quality of life we enjoy that is the envy of our nation.


  • You want a new downtown library that reflects our growing population; support for our vibrant arts scene that has put Guelph on the map.


  • Properly planned growth so that we can meet our densification targets while preserving our unique identity.


  • You want to address poverty, homelessness, and our growing opioid crisis that has left too many of us behind.


  • You want to face our environmental and climate change challenges.


  • You want to “go local” where possible with our energy use, our food, and the good jobs that come with our thriving green economy.


To accomplish this I believe that we need a strong, unified, forward-thinking council, especially now when the direction of our new provincial government seems to threaten many of the values we share. With my first-term experience, and my life-long advocacy for our community well-being, I would like to continue in a leadership role to help build the kind of city want with you; one that we can proudly leave to our next generations.

Yes, there is still work to do, but we’ve accomplished a lot too. Let’s keep working and building Guelph together!

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